Made in Italy tradition meets international appeal.
Sophisticated and contemporary feminine style.
Milan CityLife is the symbolic background for Maria Grazia Severi Fall Winter 2016-17 campaign that bridges tradition and innovation.
An Italian location packed with symbolism: CityLife represents a new urban revitalized area through its contemporary architecture and international charm but it means also new perspectives and a new life.
In the photos we can easily spot the old Milan’s architecture as well as the new one, a meaningful way to convey Maria Grazia Severi new brand worldwide.
The city of beautiful contrasts enriches Maria Grazia Severi FW 2016-17 collection, a powerful collection that stands out with distinguished pieces and refined details.


Hues, memories and juxtapositions.
Maria Grazia Severi Fall Winter 2016-17 collection celebrates a cosmopolitan, glamorous woman who likes to play with juxtapositions. A woman who surrounds herself with a whimsical and intimate world to stand out, dream, and shine.
Maria Grazia Severi Black line is designed for the woman who loves stylish, sartorial look outfits featuring refined details and high-end fabrics.