Maria Grazia Severi brand is born in the 90s, in the heart of the Emilia Region in Modena’s outskirts, thanks to the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Maria Grazia Severi.
Craftsmanship and savoir-faire are the recurring themes that since the very beginning inspire the fashion designer and give life to sartorial silhouettes designed by a woman who has women in mind. Outfits that flatter the figure and give to it a unique seductive and stylish appeal.
Maria Grazia Severi has always supported, encouraged and interpreted the women’s world.
The brand is renowned for a product approach that is focused on an exclusive luxury sartorial design that stands on solid ground: advanced production technology, know-how, experience, Made in Italy in-house craftsmanship and innovation research made Maria Grazia Severi a successful company that designs pieces conceived to meet women’s needs and wishes.
The company joins the MMB Group S.p.A. on September 2015 to strengthen the international market penetration.
The company hence launches its new logo during the Fall Winter 2016-17 campaign, with a clean, essential design that routes all the collections into one brand: MARIA GRAZIA SEVERI.
The aim: turning the brand into a globally distinguishable identity with a powerful Made in Italy image, conveying a contemporary and forceful message.
The new Maria Grazia Severi brand stays true to its values and DNA, portraying a seductive and sophisticated feminine style that is at the same time contemporary and cosmopolitan.
Two different collections belongs to the brand – BLACK and WHITE. Both speak the same language, offering a versatile fashion approach: day-to-night outfits that range from casual or formal work wear to easy style. The Maison also includes a wide range of sophisticated pieces to flaunt on special occasions such as ceremony and cocktail dresses.
Today Maria Grazia Severi is the epitome of Made in Italy ready-to-wear. High sartorial quality and refined details for a sophisticated feminine charm.
You can find MARIA GRAZIA SEVERI throughout Italy and abroad thanks to a detailed distribution that is growing fast in Europe, East Europe, Middle East, Asia and United States.


Maria Grazia Severi features two collections that allow for a day-to-night versatile style.


It’s the main collection (black label) that fully embodies Maria Grazia Severi’s style and represents the brand image.
It includes both ready-to-wear and couture pieces, with chic evening dresses for formal occasions.
Maria Grazia Severi’s design innovation allows for a contemporary and powerful brand identity thanks to a collection that features a cosmopolitan taste.


It’s the collection (white label) that features a fun, young style approach, thought for daywear.
This collection features a contemporary, fun mood to sport any day, from work wear to urban sporty-chic, casual and leisurewear.
An international contemporary product that’s easy to wear and style.